Should donation be included in my end-of-life documents?

Registering with Donate Life Texas records your decision to be a donor and makes it known to the right people at their right time, automatically and is the best way to ensure your wishes are known and followed.

Because they are often not read in time for organ, eye and tissue donation, including your donor status in medical directives, wills and other end-of-life planning documents isn’t always effective.

A special note about DNRs:  Donation is still an option for those with Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) orders. In addition to joining the donor registry, individuals are encouraged to modify the DNR language to allow intubation and artificial respiration for the purpose organ, eye and tissue recovery.  This would enable EMS and hospital personnel to provide only the ventilation support needed to evaluate donation options and viability.

Please note:  Registering with Donate Life Texas is not intended to serve as a way to make arrangements for the final disposition of a body.